Complexity Fest 2024

August 17thth, 2024

Apr 17, 2024

Five new names announced for the eighth edition of Complexity Fest 2024

HAARLEM, April 17, 2024 – Today, Complexity Fest announces the final five names for the eighth edition of the adventurous heavy music festival. Sigh, Avalanche Kaito, NAH, Machukha, and Defacement complete the lineup. They will join previously announced acts Plini, Night Verses, Frail Body, and Squid Pisser on the various stages of Haarlem’s Patronaat. Tickets are available for purchase via

With this announcement, the lineup for the festival catering to fans of adventurous and boundary-pushing heavy music is now complete. Similar to previous years, the festival will take place from late afternoon until late evening across various rooms of the Haarlem venue. This marks the second time that Complexity Fest is held in the summer.

Debutants and Familiar Faces

The experimental metal band Sigh from Japan came into existence in April 1989, immediately drawing attention from figures like black metal legend Euronymous. Over the years and across numerous albums, the band has continued to evolve, incorporating more classical and avant-garde elements, as well as explicit influences from Japanese folklore and instrumentation, with the theatrical rollercoaster ride ‘Shikhi’ as its latest achievement.

Avalanche Kaito‘s vocalist, Kaito Winse from Burkina Faso, is a griot, a guardian and storyteller of orally transmitted traditions and history. As a multi-instrumentalist, he alternates between calabash, bow, Fulani flute, kora, and tama. Combined with the unconventional noise-punk sound of Belgian guitarist Nico Gitto and the polyrhythmic salvos of drummer/dataist Benjamin Chaval, the trio presents a truly unique musical world in 2024, as demonstrated by their recently released second album, Talitakum.

Since the release of his first demos in 2011, percussionist, sound manipulator, and visual artist NAH has developed his own dynamic synthesis of textured noise and genre-defying percussive rhythms, rooted in DIY punk, noise, avant-jazz, electronic music, and the restlessness of hip-hop. Performing live with little more than a drum kit and various samplers, he channels a hectic energy that teeters on the edge of sonic hostility and playful chaos.

Machukha (Ukrainian: “stepmother”) incorporates elements of post-black metal, dark hardcore, and punk. Their debut album, “Мочарi” [Mochari], will be released on June 7 by the Ghent-based label Consouling Sounds (known for acts like Amenra), focusing on resilience. Sung in Ukrainian, the band explores humanity’s ability to withstand cruelties and continue surviving day after day.

Originally formed in Libya as Deathcrush, the band relocated to the Netherlands before changing their name to Defacement. Their latest album is set to be released this summer through [add name], with the vinyl distribution handled by the enthusiast label Total Dissonance Worship. The earlier teaser in Patronaat last March promises ethereal cosmic death metal packaged in lengthy, dreamlike, narrative compositions at extreme speeds.

Next to Plini, Night Verses, Frail Body and Squid Pisser we guarantee this day not be missed and we hope to see all of you digging souls this summer.

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Dec 20, 2023

Complexity Fest 2024 is coming to summer.

COMPLEXITY FEST returns to the summer for the second time on August 17, 2024 in the halls of our beloved Patronaat location for its eighth edition.

The first names announced are PLINI, NIGHT VERSES, FRAIL BODY and SQUID PISSER. More names will follow in 2024 and tickets go on sale on Thursday the 21st on 01:00 pm.

Keep you’re eyes peeled and hope to see you all this summer!

Feb 20, 2023


For everybody who cannot get enough, as announced we will have an afterparty in CLUB3 with Polygorgon, Behringer Escape Plan and Curling until 05.00! Come dance, act weird and fistpump with us until the small hours.

POLYGORGON (23:00-00:30)
Polygorgon is a Haarlem based producer and DJ who started under the alias Murq in the Bass, House and Techno scenes in Amsterdam. After gravitating towards a wider range of genres a name change was in order. Polygorgon likes to blend elements from dark wave, industrial, italo disco and techno in his sets and productions.

Behringer Escape Plan is a two-piece electronic band that has carved out a unique niche in the world of electronic music as proven during their set at the recent Summer edition. For fans of heavy and experimental electronic music, Behringer Escape Plan is a band that is not to be missed. With a sound that is both fluid and heavy, you can expect wonky grooves, bold bass sounds, and fast melodies.

CURLING (01:15-05:00)
While Utrecht-based artist Curling often takes to the stage as a singer in various metal, punk, and noise rock bands (Throwing Bricks, Radar Men From The Moon), he takes a completely different approach in his DJ-sets. The experimental mix of bass, electro, industrial and a dash of EBM recalls the well-known club scene in the first Matrix-film: dark, with an apocalyptic tinge, but mostly highly danceable.

Feb 19, 2023

Celebrating Kayo Dot’s Choirs of the Eye

In this 20th year of Kayo Dot’s existence, the group has reconvened its original lineup of maudlin of the Well expats–Toby Driver, Greg Massi, Sam Gutterman, and Terran Olson–to perform their celebrated and timeless 2003 debut milestone of an album, ‘Choirs of the Eye’, in full at Complexity Fest 2023 next weekend.

“It’s been a flood of memories and emotions during the process of revisiting this music after 20 years with the group of guys that helped create it. After the Choirs of the Eye album cycle was finished, the lineup changed and we rarely revisited that music not only because the new instrumentations didn’t suit it, but also because Kayo Dot has made a point over the band’s career to keep exploring and discovering, deliberately not looking back.

Despite that ethic, the few times in my career when I did look back always ended up being deeply fulfilling. As time goes on, I’m occasionally hit with recollections that make me realize I may be forgetting moments of my life, both trivial and important, and that scares me. Sometimes overwhelmed with the feeling that my memory is just full and can’t hold anything else, those echoes make me wonder who I was, if that person still exists, and if the Me that exists now will soon vanish as well. A musical composition is a diary page, a trail marker that opens a window into a moment of time through the context that it provides, and relearning how to play this music and all its interlocking parts reminded me not only of the priceless moments with my friends in rehearsal, in the studio, on our first tour, but also of the years leading up to and the years leading away from this powerful turning point in my life.

Choirs of the Eye is still held up by many as my magnum opus, despite all my best efforts to supersede it. I respect that; there is undoubtedly some special unknown magic in this music. Performing it is a sacred act. Twenty years on, Complexity Fest will provide Choirs of the Eye’s largest venue of its lifetime thus far, another milestone that will contextualize all of its past and all of its future. I’m excited to see what will happen.”

– Toby Driver

Feb 8, 2023


Briljant Brouwhuis is not your regular brewer, not aiming to make the next IPA but experimenting on the edge of styles, much like Complexity Fest.

We were stoked when asked to make a beer for them! This beer too balances on the edge of a English brown ale, and has added ‘notes of complexity’ in ginger spiciness, and a hint of pepper and whisky smokiness.

This slowstepper is to be amazed by, but also your steady companion through the entire event.

Available from the 25th of February on at Patronaat Haarlem and Lokaal – Dutch Beer Bar.

Feb 1, 2023


KLAKMATRAK and ZETRA join the Complexity Fest line-up full of great acts to discover, including TRIBULATION, KAYO DOT, AUTHOR & PUNISHER, STAKE, BIRDS IN ROW and more. Moreover, we made sure you can party with us till the small hours at the afterparty in CLUB3. More about that will follow soon!

We are now only 24 days away from finally turning the key to Complexity Fest 2023. The first full-scale edition in three years! Words fail to express the excitement and happiness currently driving everyone working hard on creating what will truly be the best Complexity experience so far.

KLAKMATRAK is a project by the Belgian techno producer and STAKE-frontman Brent Vanneste. Together with his best friend Dreeten Van Maris on vocals, they combine gabber, french-core, speed-core, industrial noise, hardcore, punk, disco and more into their own abstract sound; once called as yoga for brains. Combined with their very-energetic almost destructive live show, we qualified them as the perfect closing act for this years festival, following previous acts such as Otoboke Beaver, The Armed and Otto von Schirach.

We are happy to have the enigmatic synth-metal pair ZETRA on this years line-up. The duo looks like black metal meets Blade Runner, clad in cloaks, corpse paint and chains. Between them, a guitar, a keyboard and an old Atari sequencer, they sound like Type O Negative gone synth-pop, a goth Pet Shop Boys with deliciously heavy, dark riffs.

Join us at Complexity Fest 2023 on February 25 and get your tickets now!

Jan 19, 2023


We’re more than happy to add Tribulation, STAKE, YOUFF and OATS to the line-up. Four new parts of the auditive spectrum we like to cover at our beloved Fest upcoming February. Last two acts and afterparty will be announced soon. Get your tickets and meet us in the front!

The Swedish vampire lords in Tribulation are known for their dramatic and epic mix of death metal, black metal and gothic sensibilities ever since their magnificent third record ‘The Children of the Night’. Music that makes you headbang, dancing in the moonlight and looking for milk white necks to sink your teeth in. On their latest full-length ‘Where The Gloom Becomes Sound’ they do exactly what is implied, resulting in a psychedelic and their most gothic record to date. An album that sounds like Celtic Frost one minute and Joy Division the next from a unique band that has been around for almost ten years. A collective that doesn’t seem to play to impress anyone, doesn’t chase trends and instead are playing exactly what they want. Take for example their latest single ‘Hamartia’: an angry gothic tragedy including some sick ’80s-vintage epic solos. We cannot wait till their next album. Let’s hope we can have a little sneak peek during the show at Complexity Fest!

Releasing their second studio album ‘Love, Death, And Decay’ last year, we’re more than happy to welcome another band back at Patronaat after a more than memorable headline show: the Belgian atmospheric sludgy, grungy powerhouse that is STAKE. The group is the reincarnation of the well-known Steak Number Eight; the young band that caused a furore with passionate live shows, both at festivals and their own headline shows, as well as supporting Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deftones and more. In 2019 they took a new direction with album ‘Critical Method’, on which they show that they are no longer a fresh cut, but have grown into premium dry-aged beef.

One of our Southern neighbors’ best kept secrets peeking from out of the underground is the experimental noise group YOUFF. This is that band that people whisper about, after witnessing them putting clubs upside down with a whirlwind of dissonant, absurd hardcore infused droning mantras that remind you of a young Swans in the distance. Add instead of dead seriousness a dose of absurdism and vocal play on top, and we say just undergo this one. A new release is planned for this 2023 and we’re bloody excited!

In a somewhat tradition, our first spot is usually reserved for an upcoming, talented act from our local backyard. Here comes the young band OATS from Amsterdam: jazzy punk packed with an urgent message, a will to experiment and no fear of delving deeper into colourfull mathcore territories while you hear influences from a contemporary group like Black Midi in the distance. This February will bring to birth the next single ‘Magnolia’ as a warming up for their upcoming EP. Come early to get your muscles loose and mind sharp, plus give ‘em a warm welcome! 

For more info about your visit at Complexity Fest in Patronaat, visit

Nov 30, 2022

New Names Added!

AUTHOR & PUNISHER, BIRDS IN ROW, IRON JINN and CROWN COMPASS join AIMING FOR ENRIKE, NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM, POUND, TUSKAR and KAYO DOT for this years festival. Complexity Fest takes place in familiar surroundings in Patronaat Haarlem on February 25, 2023. Get your tickets at or

After they were forced to cancel due to the pandemic, we are more than happy to have manmachine AUTHOR & PUNISHER back. In the industrial music and metal sculptures of Tristan Shone man and machine melt together. The San Diego-based robotics engineer with a degree in sculpture literalized the idea of sonic sculpture, fusing the ethereal and the physical into a brand new vision, captured on several recordings of which the lauded album ‘Krüller’ is the most recent.

We decided to invite the French post-hardcore group BIRDS IN ROW back to Haarlem after their amazing headline show in November. We cannot wait to present them to you yet again. BIRDS IN ROW has been at the forefront of the hardcore genre for over a decade. Starting out as a band with a sound that can be compared in subtlety to two paving stones rubbing against each other, the band sets the bar incredibly high with their most recent album ‘Gris Klein’.

IRON JINN is born from the chemistry between guitarists Wout Kemkens (Shaking Godspeed) and Oeds Beydals (The Devil’s Blood, Death Alley). Inspired by the San Diego Takeover at Roadburn 2018, the band, completed by Bob Hogenelst (Birth of Joy) and Gerben Bielderman (Pauw, Bieldermann), produce dark and ominous, yet freaky songs, as proven by the first single ‘Soft Healers’. This song is taken from their “frantic double LP” debut, to be released by Stickman Records (Motorpsycho, King Buffalo and Elder) in april 2023. We are very curious to hear more!

Team Complexity used to be, and still are, huge fan of Dutch progressive metal outfit Textures and that’s actually the reason why we are more than happy to host CROWN COMPASS at this years festival. Crown Compass is the brainchild of former Textures and Illucinoma guitarist Joe Tal, whom linked up with none other than Daniël de Jongh (ex-Textures and CILICE), bassist Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Exivious and currently with Our Oceans) and drummer Yuma van Eekelen (ex-Pestilence, Exivious and currently with Our Oceans). After two years of teasing, the group finally released their debut album ‘The Drought’ in april. A 9-song juggernaut which is heavy and intricate, while catchy and groovy at the same time.

Oct 18, 2022

Complexity Fest 2023 announces first names!

COMPLEXITY FEST returns to the halls of our beloved Patronaat venue for the first edition back in full glory post-pandemic. We are happy to report that Patronaat’s festival for adventurous and boundary pushing heavy music will take place on Saturday February 25, 2023.

The first names we can announce are AIMING FOR ENRIKE, NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM, POUND, TUSKAR and the mercurial melancholy collective KAYO DOT will play an exclusive 20th anniversary show of their 2003’s cult album ‘Choirs of the Eye’. Tickets are on sale now!

New names are already confirmed, so the next announcement won’t take long. Keep you’re eyes peeled and hope to see you all this winter!

Jul 25, 2022


Just wanted to take a moment to thank all the bands, Patronaat crew and of course you, the visitors, for making the special summer edition of Complexity a success last Saturday. Check out the photos by Niels Vinck and reminisce about all those great times and music.

Moreover, we are happy to announce to be back on Saturday 25th February 2023, where Patronaat’s third hall will make a comeback in style too. More info and first names to be announced soon.

For now, enjoy a great summer and we hope to see you all soon in Patronaat!

Jul 18, 2022

Timetable revealed

Timetable is go! Upcoming Saturday, a full summer evening of the crunchiest grooves, dopest beats and craziest complexity.

Doors open at 16:30 and Autarkh III will kick off the event a bit before 17.00.

The festival will be closed by party animal Otto von Schirach. You’re all welcome to stay even longer at the Parksessies after party in the same hall.

We can’t wait. See you Saturday!

Jul 5, 2022


We are delighted to confirm MASTER BOOT RECORD, BEHRINGER ESCAPE PLAN and THROWING BRICKS to our summer Fest later this month!

Expect a 8-bit chiptune synth metal/classical cross-over from Italy, a unique interconnected wobbly drums and synth symbiosis from our local heroes and a slow shattering adventurous sludge machine rising to fame out of the Dutch swamps.

The timetable and more (practical) info will follow soon.. We’re looking very much forward to see you here in our two halls for this summer time + new foyer!

By Segolia Design

Apr 28, 2022


Patronaat’s festival for adventurous and boundary pushing heavy music Complexity Fest returns to Haarlem July the 23rd, after the difficult last-minute cancellation last February.

After the disappointment faded away we decided we did not want to be silent for another year, and curated a line-up from the February edition, while planning to add some extra acts.

We’re happy that we can re-confirm AUTARKH III, LITTLE TYBEE, PLAYGROUNDED and VILDHJARTA. The Swedish heavyweights will close off the festival’s main stage with an exclusive show. With the addition of OTTO VON SCHIRACH and more names to be announced soon, this looks to be a memorable comeback.

Tickets are on sale now!

Jan 12, 2022

Complexity Fest 2022 has been cancelled

Unfortunately, and with a heavy heart, we have to deliver the bad news that COMPLEXITY FEST 2022 has been cancelled. Our highest priority has always been the safety of our audience, artists and crew, and due to the limited prospects regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and regulations we are unable to organize Complexity Fest 2022 as intended. We will, however, not give in; new Complexity projects are already in the works!

You’ll automatically receive a refund for your ticket(s) refunded by Ticketmaster within four weeks. The same goes for hotel reservations made through Ticketmaster; you’ll receive a full refund within four weeks after receiving this e-mail. Your hotel reservation will be cancelled automatically.

Furthermore, please check out if you’d like to financially support the Patronaat venue during these trying times. We really appreciate your support and promise that Complexity will return even stronger!

We thank you for your understanding, and hope you have been informed sufficiently. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via

Dec 15, 2021


We’re happy to add Autarkh III, Playgrounded and Der Weg einer Freiheit to the line-up. Four new parts of the auditive spectrum we like to cover at our beloved Fest upcoming February. Tickets are on sale via Patronaat Haarlem!

Nevertheless, we are aware of the uncertainty surrounding live music events given the new surge in Covid-cases, but we choose to pull through and be optimistic about that we can finally welcome you all again after two years. Of course we will keep one eye on the ever-changing situation, and keep you updated if things might change.

Dec 9, 2021

AUTHOR AND PUNISHER announces new album Krüller

Author & Punisher, the alias for visionary San Diego musician-meets-mechanical engineer Tristan Shone, returns with the melody-laden new album, Krüller, featuring a suite of upgraded machines, a distilled vocal process and a handful of guest players including Tool’s Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. The album will be released on Relapse Records on February 11.

A taste of the eagerly-awaited record arrives with today’s release of “Drone Carrying Dread,” and the accompanying, graphically-saturated video. The clip was directed by Monte Legaspi and features illustrations from album cover artist Zlatko Mitev.

Part of the Krüller revamp included refining the machines that have become synonymous with Author & Punisher. As a result, Shone is also launching a bespoke audio gear company called Drone Machines to coincide with the release of Krüller. The gear company launch follows nearly two decades of Author & Punisher honing in on his craft – meticulously inventing, machining, experimenting, and creating custom musical instruments for his incredible live performances and recordings.

Krüller pre-orders are available now with the 8-song, 52 minute collection available on a selection of limited-edition vinyl variants, CD, cassette and digitally.

Oct 21, 2021

Conjurer will not play Complexity Fest 2022

Unfortunately, Conjurer have to cancel their performance at Complexity Fest 2022.

But on a brighter note, we will announce some additional bands that we are really excited about soon!

Aug 20, 2021


After releasing ”när de du älskar kommer tillbaka från de döda” earlier this year VILDHJARTA announces the release of their much anticipated new studio album, “måsstaden under vatten”, which will be out October 15th, 2021. You can also listen to two new tracks, “kaos2” and “toxin” on all digital platforms.

At 6pm CET / 12:00 noon ET / 9:00am PT make sure to head over to Century Media Records youtube channel to check out two visualizer clips that are giving you more insight into the stunning album artwork.

With a decade between releases, vildhjarta remain as inscrutable and as close to anonymity as a band can be. Their down-tuned, staccato riffs and pulverizing grooves are the sound of music stripped to its essence. Yet, the Swedish collective’s long-awaited album, “måsstaden under vatten”, is far more than a recitation of djent values. Clocking in at 80 minutes, it thematically picks up where the dark Swedish fable of 2011’s “Måsstaden” left off and delivers on the promise that record hinted at. Says the band: “Art happens when art happens.”

Since dropping a minute of new live music in 2016, the band’s focus has almost entirely been on the new album with drummer and now noted producer, Buster Odeholm (also known for his work with Born of Osiris, Shadow of Intent and drumming with Humanity’s Last Breath amongst others) heavily involved in the production, mixing and mastering of the music. Visual artist Rickard Westman, who did art for VILDHJARTA’s debut as well as their “Thousands of Evils”-EP in 2013 has also returned to the equation to reprise his disturbing visual iconography that continues to tell a tale of a mythical, dark world far away from ours.With finally a new album on the horizon, we are over the moon given the fact that they are coming to Haarlem for an exclusive show. Buy your tickets now! #thall

Jul 6, 2021

Complexity Fest is back!

Complexity Fest is back! After having skipped a year due to the pandemic we are happy to report that Patronaat’s festival for adventurous and boundary pushing heavy music will take place on Saturday February 12, 2022. The first names we can announce are AD NAUSEAM, AIMING FOR ENRIKE, AUTHOR & PUNISHER, CONJURER, COVET, LITTLE TYBEE, PUPIL SLICER, ROLO TOMASSI and VILDHJARTA. The Swedish heavyweights will close off the festival’s main stage with an exclusive show. Tickets are on sale now!

Feb 17, 2020

Thank you for visiting Complexity Fest 2020

A sincere thanks to all of you wondering and wandering colourful souls coming from seemingly everywhere this weekend, and thanks for bringing your attention and positive energy! Arigatou, merci, takk and such to all the acts that graced our 3 stages giving what they got and for just as well blending in happily with most of the aforementioned around all the show madness.

We’ve witnessed a delightful array of memorable, engaging moments and performances spread throughout the fest. Last but not Liszt very much bedankt to the really hard working crew in Patronaat and everyone involved, giving us as the Complexiteam the opportunity to blend in with all of you while knowing each and everything got taken care of and looked after so well.

We’ll continue the adventurous heavy music train to newer heights with some first next stops this month still. All the best for now and we’ll use this evening furthermore as how this day was mentioned in that Holy book while checking the audio-visual aftermath.

photo by Jaap Kroon Fotografie

Feb 6, 2020

Practical Info for Complexity Fest 2020

Below you’ll find the full time schedule. Doors open at 13.00 and Our Oceans will grace the Aristides Stage 2 at 13.30. Make sure to catch this amazing band with one of their debut shows!

Sadly Dragged Into The Sunlight have cancelled their performance at Complexity Fest 2020 due to personal reasons. With that being said, we wouldn’t be Complexity if we didn’t come up with a worthy replacement and after ‘the great hunt’ we present you one of the most exciting experimental black metal bands hailing from the UK: Lychgate.

Be aware of the fact that Patronaat Haarlem is a PIN ONLY venue and it is only possible to pay with debit cards at all bars, wardrobe and the festival merchandise booth. Only the common creditcards will work and it possible that a lot of foreign creditcards won’t. ATTENTION: it could be the case that your favourite band only accepts cash and doesn’t have an option to take cards, so make sure to bring some extra cash anyway.

The venue Patronaat is addressed at Zijlsingel 2 in Haarlem.

  • It’s a 10 minute walk from Haarlem train station. Also busses 2, 3, 73, 81, 300 and 340 will take you close to the venue.
  • Coming over straight from the airport? Bus 300 will take you from the airport to the Haarlem city centre the quickest
  • Traveling by car? There’s a big parking garage close to Patronaat Haarlem, follow signs to ‘Raaks’. It’s open 24 hours, and there’s an evening rate at € 2,90 for the entire night (starting at 19:00).

All band and (new) Complexity merchandise, Pelagic Records and SmithsFoodGroup distros, and catering is presented in the loading dock on the ground level.

For the hungry folks, we are happy that JUST LIKE YOUR MOM will provide us again with some of the most delicious vegan food we ever had. For all the meatlovers out there, EEF EN LIEN will be there for you in the loading dock. Good to know: we’re in the city centre with a supermarket on the other side of the road (open until 10pm) and several other options for meals.

As announced we will have a pre-party on the day before the festival, Friday February 14 (doors 19:00). And with BEATEN TO DEATH, ASTROSAUR and MARY FIELDS we have a line-up that guarantees you get a proper warm-up, if not ending up totally wrecked. Join us for this one! IMPORTANT NOTE: entrance for the pre-party is free on showing your Complexity Fest 2020 ticket. You know people that just want to visit the pre-party themselves or bring their Valentine without a ticket? That is possible for only €10,- a ticket. You can buy a separate ticket here.

Time Schedule:
19:30 doors open
20:00 Mary Fields
21:00 Astrosaur
22:15 Beaten To Death

Still in search for a place to sleep? Our partners at STAYOKAY Hostel and the NIU Hotel have still rooms available.

We cannot wait to welcome you all!

Jan 30, 2020

Dragged Into Sunlight forced to cancel performance at Complexity Fest 2020

Hey it’s Thom here with an important update on our upcoming fest.

As some have heard rumors I’m here to confirm them: beyond our control Dragged Into Sunlight won’t be able to play their show. We’re close personally too and also because of that extra bummed about this one. The band just released their own statement:

“Dragged Into Sunlight will not be appearing at Complexity Festival this year owing to personal circumstances. We never want to disappoint. The festival is a killer event organised by some good friends, so we hope that you’ll attend.”

I hope we can make up for it within Patronaat’s walls anytime. All the best wishes to them!

With that being said, we wouldn’t be Complexity if we didn’t come up with a worthy replacement and after ‘the great hunt’ we present you one of the most exciting experimental black metal bands hailing from the UK: Lychgate. You might know them from the former Blood Music roster as I did, and they are about to release a new EP this March pushing the boundaries of everything you know black. “Progeny of the Singularity needs to be heard to be believed, and even then, probably won’t be believed”. Here’s the updated poster and let’s celebrate this musical ride soon, so soon now!

Listen to Lychgate HERE.

Dec 2, 2019

Welcome on the brand new Complexity website

With this website we want to create a main gate to all things Complexity throughout the year. Find your info here!